Capturing music in a visual way is arguably one of the most difficult challenges a designer can face. On the hunt for the perfect cover for his new single “Crash” renowned Dutch DJ and record producer Burak Yeter brought this challenge to the 99designs community.

The final result is striking and different. With her minimalistic yet intriguing cover winning designer Frovola succeeded in transporting “Crash” to the visual sphere.

Burak Yeter Crash single cover
The winning design: a striking, minimalist cover design by Frovola.

The cover immediately draws attention to Burak’s eyes, making it feel personal yet minimalistic and cool at the same time. The photo is blurred in a way that makes it seem like it’s almost literally buzzing with the vibrations of the song. An overlay of stark black and white block writing contrasts the deep and saturated colors of the photo. Using the horizontal bars of the logo in the center of the image, parts of Burak’s face remain hidden, giving the whole design an intriguing, edgy feel.

We sat down with Burak to talk about his current projects, his new cover art and it’s creation process:

Burak Yeter
Via Burak Yeter

How would you describe your visual style as an artist? How did you build your personal brand?

Actually, I have always liked minimal style. I used to use that in past years, but I also want my style to be unique. There is a new Burak Yeter now and I wanted my visual style to reflect that. To achieve that goal, I wanted to work with talented designers only.

I want to be different than others and fortunately I have a hard working team to help me do it. I take a lot of care with each step I take concerning my brand. I want to make it stand out by producing my very own style of music.

You had your cover for “Crash” designed on 99designs. What was it like to work with the designers?

There are so many talented designers on 99designs, which makes me so happy to collaborate with you. Everything is online nowadays and it’s amazing that everyone can work anywhere and anytime. Working with the designers on 99designs helped me so much in making my design vision a reality. I’m so happy with the final product and will definitely come back for more.


Now that you have your cover, what are your next steps going to be?

My song “Crash” will be released in various countries with this cover. Along with the release there will be huge campaign on social media. Next, I’m looking for some designers to work on my Instagram story designs.

You’ve built an amazing brand around your music. What is it that makes you successful from an entrepreneurial standpoint?

Burak Yeter portrait
Via Burak Yeter

I try to look for something different than others. There is no meaning in life if all you do is copy-paste. It doesn’t make you special.

I always look for new and different things. Right now, we are opening a DJ School in Los Angeles in addition to the ones we are already running in Amsterdam and Istanbul with 3,500 students. That’s a really amazing feeling.

What are your plans for 2018? What can we expect to see from you next?

After the release of my single “Crash” in March I’m planning more releases in 2018. Let’s just say there are many exciting news waiting to explode this year.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and good luck with your big plans for 2018!

Burak’s new single “Crash” is out now on Connection Records!

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