Your words aren’t the only thing your blog readers are looking at. The design of your site—the layout, the format, the style—has an enormous impact on the reading experience and how you come across to first-time visitors. Your blog’s visuals are the initial cue on whether or not a new visitor will like your posts, or even bother reading them, so hire one of the top blog designers to convince them.

How to get the best blog design

The traditional route for hiring a freelance designer works well enough, but there are also other avenues to explore. If you’re interested in getting a blog designed or redesigned, but you haven’t quite settled on your new look, you should consider a blog design contest.

Blog design contests are pretty easy. First, you write a brief that describes what kind of blog you want and what kind of personality you want to exhibit. Next, freelance blog designers from all over the world submit concepts based on your brief. Then, you select the finalists and give them feedback to hone their designs. Last, you simply choose your favorite.

If you’d like to see a few different ideas before commiting to one, a blog contest is the best choice for you.

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On the other hand, if you already know what you want your blog to look like, you can go straight to hiring a freelancer that suits your style.

The 10 best freelance blog designers to hire in 2020

  1. 2
    • Squarespace website
    • Web page design
    • Other web or app design
    • Other business or advertising
    • Landing page design
  2. 3
    • Web page design
    • Other web or app design
    • WordPress theme design
    • Landing page design
    • Social media page
    • Brochure
    • Banner ad
    • Logo design
    • Other business or advertising
    • Illustration or graphics
    • Facebook cover
    • Postcard, flyer or print
    • Custom Wordpress Themes
    • Brand guide
    • Other design
    • App design
    • Logo & business card
    • Email
    • Icon or button
    • Business card
    • Stationery
    • Signage
    • Product label
    • Print or packaging design
    • Other book or magazine
    • Other art or illustration
    • Menu
    • Magazine cover
    • Infographic
    • Book cover

How did we choose these as the top blog designers?

Blog design encompasses web design, graphic design and a working familiarity with blogs. In other words, not just any designer is a good blog designer. Here’s the criteria we used to narrow down the top freelance blog designers in our list above.

1. Design quality

blog design

Whenever a new freelancer joins the 99designs community, we have an expert go through their portfolio and rate their abilities for conceptual thought, technical execution and how well they appy design principles in their work. These experts then assign the designer one of three levels:

  • Top Level
  • Mid Level
  • Entry Level

When browsing our designer database, you can easily see these levels displayed on each portfolio. This lets you know how experienced the designer is, whether they’re a seasoned expert or a new upstart with potential.

2. Blog design experience

We don’t just look at a designer’s overall skill. We also consider their skill in designing blogs specifically. How many blogs have they designed in the past? How well were their designs received? We hand-picked each freelancer in our list based on their experiences and successes exclusively in the field of blog design.

3. Professionalism

More than just someone with design skills, a good blog designer also communicates with you throughout the process, delivers on time and fosters a friendly business relationship. Going beyond their portfolio, we also looked into each designer’s past customer experiences to make sure their professionalism matches their design level.

Are you ready to hire an stunning freelance blog designer?

To create that immersive blog-reading experience for your visitors, you have to create the right atmosphere. Hire a blog designer that understands the mood and style you’re going for — and has the skill to deliver it. Take a look at our list above and see who stands out at you most.

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