There are two types of people in the world: those who treat gift shopping like an Olympic sport, and those who keep a stockpile of gift cards in their desk drawer for every occasion. In the spirit the holidays, we’ll keep it real with you guys. While we take no issue with gift cards (well played TBH), there’s nothing quite like a present that comes from the heart.

At 99designs, not only do we know a thing or two about creativity—we also fancy ourselves the first kind of person. (And boy, do we love a Santa’s helper cosplay.) We asked our designer community, our friends and your favorite creators-in-the-wild to give us all their gift ideas. From that, we curated this ultimate gift guide just for you.

This puppy is loaded with unequivocally cool things—from unique stocking stuffers to experiential gifts and even furniture(!). It’s big. It’s grand. It’s a little extra, if we do say so ourselves. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one out there.

On your marks, get ready, get set…

Let’s gift!


1. Adventure Awaits print

Furry Little Peach print
Adventure awaits those who seek it, via Furry Little Peach.

Up first is the “Adventure Awaits” print by Furry Little Peach, who you might recognize from Instagram or her inspiring Youtube channel. This A3 beauty has been created using archival ink on 100% cotton paper, meaning it won’t fade or wear over time.

Combine this with a nice frame, and you’ve got a museum-quality gift that will impress anyone.

$65 AUD at

Oliver Jeffers book
via Amazon

2. The Working Mind and Drawing Hand

FLP also recommends a book she just received and loves: The Working Mind and Drawing Hand by Oliver Jeffers. This book contains never-before-published illustrations and art from Jeffers’ own sketchbook.

$34.43 at

Furry Little Peach
Recommended by: Furry Little Peach

Sha’an d’Anthes is Furry Little Peach–an illustrator, exhibiting artist and published author.

3. Fancy-ish luggage

Sometimes a utilitarian gift is the best kind of gift, and this bag comes highly recommended for a reason. It allows you to charge multiple devices and keeps your things safe with a built-in lock. Take it with you to your next creative conference, to meetings, wherever. What could be better for a digital nomad designer?

$99 at

Coding book superhi
Everyone loves to upskill, via Superhi.

4. Learn to code with Superhi

Teach a man to fish and yada yada. It’s empowering to learn something new. Superhi offers a plethora of beginner coding courses all aimed at teaching designers how to build their own beautiful websites from scratch.

$149 at

GUR rug Chan Wai Hon
Watch the sunrise from the comfort of your workspace, via GUR.

5. Sunrise rug

GUR rugs are all handmade using raw, recyclable materials and traditional methods. We’re particularly fond of this one by Chan Wai Hon, whose design really highlights the weaving technique and makes us feel calm.

€100 at

Set of 3 books
via Counter-Print

6. Global graphic design

We’re constantly inspired by our global community, and top designer Edwin Cappalla is, too. He recommends this set of 3 paperbacks by Counter-Print, which offer endless inspiration in the form of packaging, posters and signage from Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Japan.

£20 at

7. Logo Design Love

Kelloggs logo evolution
via WATC

Case studies, sketches, tips, oh my! You won’t find a more perfect gift for a logo-obsessed designer.

$26.35 at

99designs designer C A P S
Recommended by: 99designs top designer C A P S

For examples of work by C A P S, visit his 99designs profile.

8. CMYK tattoos

Tattly temporary tattoo
Don’t freak, moms. It’s just temporary. via Tattly

5 bucks gets you a set of 2 temporary tattoos for the needle-phobic print enthusiast in your life. Heck, splurge a little and grab the RGB set, while you’re at it.

$5 at

9. Houtique chair and lamp set

via Houtique

Lilly Friedeberg is something of a wunderkind. Known for creating funky, colorful illustrations, she recently made her way into the agency world and founded her own studio for branding, packaging and photography. On her wishlist? An ultra-cool chair and lamp from Houtique.

Price upon request at Houtique

Lilly Friedeberg
Recommended by: Lilly Friedeberg

Lilly is a designer and art director based in Düsseldorf, focussing on branding, illustration packaging and set design.

Elegant glass ornaments
Did someone say fine blown glass and elegant brass ball chain? via Coming Soon New York.

10. Nordic glass ornaments

We know what you’re thinking: ornaments for the holidays. Really? But hear us out: these ultra-sleek hangables are designed by AYTM, and they’re nice enough to have on display all year round. Put them on a shelf. Hang them in your window! The possibilities are endless.

$20 at

11. Gradient puzzle

Bryce Wilner gradient puzzle
The stuff of nightmares, or best gift ever? You decide. via Areaware.

Will completing this puzzle take over your designer friends’ lives? Maybe. Will it be meditative? No promises. But this glossy and glorious gift sure looks pretty when it’s finished.

$20 on

Anthony Burrill poster
Say it not-so-subtly. via Anthony Burrill.

12. Think of Your Own Ideas poster

Anthony Burrill is a graphic designer perhaps best known for his “Work Hard and Be Nice to People” poster. But that’s so 2004. Spice up a pal’s space with a lesser-known (but just as cheeky) print.

£50.00 + shipping at

Apple ipad pro pencil
via Apple

13. iPad Pro

The new iPad topped lots of top designers’ lists, including IsaDesignNet and Maneka. The Futur’s Chris Do also recommends it as the “ultimate creator’s tool”.

And there’s a lot to love. In addition to having the best display yet, Adobe will release Photoshop for the iPad in 2019. We can’t wait to see how it performs.

iPad pro: From $799 at

14. Apple Pencil

If you give a designer a new iPad, they’re going to ask for the Apple Pencil. With the newest model for the iPad Pro, you can pair and charge it wirelessly, increase your pressure to draw a thicker line—and even shade with a simple tilt of the wrist.

Apple Pencil: $99 at

Chris Do
Recommended by: Chris Do

Chris is an Emmy award-winning director, designer, strategist and educator. He’s the Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, executive producer of The Skool and founder of The Futur–and online education platform that teaches the business of design to creative thinkers.

via Austin Kleon

15. Show Your Work

You’ve heard of Steal Like an Artist, but Austin Kleon’s second book takes it to the next level. (It also comes highly recommended from creative director Greg Gunn.)

Its message is simple: share. Share what you do and how you do it with the world.
- @grgnn

$10.95 at

Baron fig notebook
Small enough to go anywhere, big enough for your ideas. via Baron Fig.

16. Baron Fig Notebook

Greg also loves Baron Fig notebooks, and rarely leaves the house without one.

$18 at

Greg Gunn
Recommended by: Greg Gunn

Greg is a creative entrepreneur, visual storyteller and an award-winning animation director. As Chief Creative Officer of The Futur, Greg oversees the marketing of educational products, guides content development and helps drive the creative direction for the brand.

17. Peak Design’s tech pouch

iPhone pouch case tech
Origami-inspired organization, via Peak Design.

This powerful little pouch was successfully funded on Kickstarter and starts shipping in December: just in time for the holidays.

$59.95 at

Ben Burns
Recommended by: Ben Burns

Ben is a brand strategist, an award-winning designer, entrepreneur and loving father of (soon to be) two daughters. As the Chief Operating Officer of The Futur, Ben oversees the development, marketing and logistics of educational products.

Win without pitching book blair enns
Perfect for defining your creative brand, via Condor Business Solutions.

18. The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

This black book comes recommended with praise from Matthew Encina, who says, “it changed my life as a creative professional.” Let this book’s twelve proclamations inspire you.

$22.50 at

Matthew Encina
Recommended by: Matthew Encina

Matthew Encina is the award-­winning Chief Content Officer at The Futur. His clients include Fortune 500 brands, music artists, emerging tech companies and video games.

19. Muji slippers

Muji linen slippers
Stay cozy, my friends. via Muji.

A sweet pair of slippers is always a winner. Make it cooler by sourcing a minimalist linen pair from designer-mecca Muji.

$24 at

Mogollon design pillow
Fancy pillows for fancy people. via Print All Over Me.

20. Blue Bones pillow

IK blue accessories will never go out of style. This pillow features a print by design duo Mogollon, a power couple whose work has been featured on the facade of a Seoul mall, a Katy Perry album and Vogue Japan. We’re fans.

$62 at

21. Tilt Brush by Google

Have you ever wanted to 3D paint in space? Um, yeah! You’ll need an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or a Windows Mixed Reality headset to use it, but even then it’s such a steal–and it’s also #1 on artist Coco Morton’s list.

$22.95 at

Atori design superhero bookends
It’s a bird, it’s a plane. via Amazon.

22. Superhero Bookend

Since you’re loading up on design books, why not throw in a superhero bookend to complete the gift?

$25.95 at

Coco Morton
Recommended by: Coco Morton

Coco is a visual artist and designer support admin at 99designs. She describes herself as a doodler and a dreamer, and we just love that.

23. Binary screenprint

Alex trochut binary print GIF
via Simply Creative.

Spanish designer Alex Trochut is best known for his incredible typographic work, but check out his binary prints. Duality is the theme here–turn off the lights and the darkness reveals a hidden image. Each print is signed by the artist.

From $100 at

Chalk magnets
Give the gift of a funky fridge. via Areaware.

24. Stick-up sticks

Like chalks from your childhood, these magnets by design studio Bower are just s’cute. Cut at various angles, they point in different directions when attached to a metal surface. Snag them in both natural and multi colorways.

$8 at

Molly dyson illustration
Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs! via Scribe Publications.

25. (Definitely) the Best Dogs of All Time

This hardcover book features stories of powerful, mythical, heroic, talented and literary dogs who have changed the course of history. Plus, sweet illustrations by designer Molly Dyson.

$18 at

Leica camera
Instant cameras are always a hit, via Outdoor Photo.

26. Leica Sofort camera

The recipient of this small but mighty camera will be the life of any party. And, it comes in two of the trendiest colors of the year: baby blue and orange.

$279 at

Minji Moon
Recommended by: 99designs top designer Minji Moon

Minji is a freelance designer from Seoul, Korea. She specializes in illustration and motion graphics and counts Samsung, Cadillac and Adobe among her client roster.

via LOQI

27. LOQI artist bags

Water resistant, long-lasting and artistic AF. Pick up an environmentally-friendly LOQI artist bag for your very own Haring, Van Gogh or Pollock.

$12.95 at

28. Liquitex muted collection

via Liquitex

Liquitex Inks are extremely fluid, water resistant, permanent and so lightfast they’ll go down in history. You can water the ink down, stamp it, or use it seamlessly with any other Liquitex product.

Find a retailer

I think I’ve replaced about 5 or 6 bottles in total since I started collecting them–so they’re worth the long term investment!
Recommended by: 99designs top designer Ink’d

For examples of work by Ink’d, visit their 99designs profile.

Flowchart Molly McLeod
Should you or shouldn’t you? Consult the chart. via Molly McLeod.

29. Side project flowchart

Find ordering prints a hassle? Hate unrolling them when they arrive? Then do we have the gift for you. This is a high-resolution digital download good for two 11×17 copies of this poster.

$5 at

via Macstories

30. Luna Display

Jocelyn Tsaih is an artist and illustrator whose work has been everywhere these days–from WeWork’s halls to the pages of the New York Times–she’s even been commissioned by Facebook and Airbnb.

This year, she’s hoping for a Luna Display: a powerful little device that turns your iPad into a second monitor.

$79.99 at

Uni Posca paint marker full range bundle set
Paint the rainbow. via Amazon.

31. Posca paint markers

Also on Jocelyn’s list: 29 Uni Posca paint markers. These puppies are water-based, non-toxic and don’t bleed.

Posca Markers are amazing to use and having all the different colors would mean endless drawing possibilities!

$47.26 at

Jocelyn Tsaih
Recommended by: Jocelyn Tsaih

Jocelyn is a visual artist and egg-lover based in Oakland, California.

Woven cotton blanket Jocelyn Tsaih
Let’s snuggle. via TicTail.

32. In Pieces throw blanket

We’re also fans of Jocelyn’s venture into fiber arts. Pick up a one-of-a-kind throw for chilly nights, in navy & natural or pink & navy.

$130 at

Papercut illustration Lisa Congdon
Knowledge is priceless. via Creative Live.

33. Creative Live class

Lisa Congdon (yes, THE Lisa Congdon) teaches your creative buds how to get organized and get to work in this popular Creative Live course.

$49 at

34. Ultra wide monitor

LG ultrawide monitor
For someone you REALLY love. via LG.

Not for the faint of heart! Design-pro Pixel & Bracket suggests this curved monitor from LG.  He says, “I’m moving away from dual monitor setups and really like the ultra wide monitors instead. With one widescreen, creative apps can be scaled or placed right next to each other.”

$896.99 at

USB adapter
You get a port, and you get a port, and you get a port! via Amazon.

35. VAVA 8-in-1 adapter

At a slightly lower price-point, Pixel & Bracket recommends this VAVA 8-in-1 adapter.

He says, “For those of us MacBook Pro users, this hub is the best one I’ve come across (and use). It has everything you need in it!”

$59.99 at

Pixel & Bracket
Recommended by: Pixel & Bracket

Pixel & Bracket (aka Spencer) is a multimedia designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. He posts design tutorials to help educate and inspire others.

Typographic ticket book
You can run from the typography police, but they’ll find you. via Hoefler&Co.

36. Typographic Ticket Book

When we first saw this gift pop up on Fast Company, we knew we had to include it. Each ticket lists 32 common design infractions, each assigned its own appropriate penalty. Typeset in Helvetica, of course, it’s perfect for the designer who loves rules.

$10 at

bauhaus flensted mobile
Two icons for the price of one. via Connox.

37. Bauhaus mobile

Bauhaus fans rejoice: now anyone can own a piece of design history–and color theory–with a hanging mobile designed by Ole Flensted.

$47.90 at

Design milk adam j. Kurtz book
Insights and inspiration for anyone who makes art. via Design Milk.

38. Things Are What You Make of Them

You must know by now that we have a huge crush on Adam J. Kurtz. He’s a Brooklyn-based designer, artist and author who offers advice and realness over 13 handwritten chapters. Bonus: perforated pages mean you can tear out the wisdom you love the most and display the pages wherever you please.

$11.91 at

Spray bottle mini pin
Awwww, can we keep it? via Eva Stalinski.

39. Spray bottle enamel pin

Do you have a friend who loves clean design? Then this little enamel cutie is perfect for them.

$8 at

Wacom intuos tablet
An illustrators’ staple. via Courts.

40. Wacom Intuos M

99designs designer AZ-Designs just purchased himself a new Wacom Intuos to take his work to the next level.

$299.95 at

Recommended by: Top level designer AZ-Designs

For examples of work by AZ-Designs, visit his 99designs profile.

41. Tie-dye cube soaps

Rare sky cube soap
Soaps so cute you’ll never use them. via Decovry.

Anna Niestroj is an entrepreneur, designer, pattern-maker, trend researcher and the face of Studio Blinkblink–a former Berlin institution and what was once the coziest and most creative space in the Wedding neighborhood. Recently she packed up Blinkblink and relocated to Jüterbog to dream up her next venture in a former police headquarters.

On her holiday wishlist? Organic, tie-dye soaps infused with detoxifying ingredients that she discovered in Paris. And don’t they look so cool?

$20 – $44 at

Brusho new colors assorted set
Perfect for the groovy artist. via Brusho.

42. Brusho Crystal Colors

Anna also recommends Brusho’s Crystal Colors in bold hues. Drop them in water and watch the colors fly.

These pigments make you trip on paper, for real. It is so relaxing to watch the colors flow.
- @blinkblinkink

Sesame pancake dorayaki
Leave one of these out for Santa. via Japan Centre.

43. Japanese sweets

As Anna says, “Anything from Japan is a good gift for a designer. Anything.” We think these sweet sesame pancake confections would make a great stocking stuffer.

£2.00 at

Stack design magazine
Don’t you just love surprises? via Stack.

44. Stack magazine subscription

Finally, Anna recommends a subscription to Stack. Every month you’ll receive a different independent magazine, serving up endless inspiration for graphic designers, illustrators and artists alike.

From $15 at

Anna Niestroj
Recommended by: Anna Niestroj

Anna is the founder of Studio Blinkblink, an interdisciplinary creative studio.

45. Gingerbread mouse pad

katnipp gingerbread mouse pad

This festive mouse pad is so sweet, you’ll keep it on your desk long after the holidays end. It features a candy cane and gingerbread pattern designed by the Disney-loving creative business-owner behind Katnipp Illustration. Love!

€9.58 at

46. How to Move to NYC ebook

How to move to new york ebook
All creatives dream of New York, right? via

Featuring awesome illustrations from designer Lu Yu, this comprehensive guide by Tobias van Schneider is chock-full of practical tips for creatives wanting to relocate to the Big Apple–and even includes how to get a visa. It promises to save you time, money and nerves. Let us know if it works!

$29 at


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