The votes for this month’s Top 9 were EXTREMELY close, probably the closest yet. But 99designer Tomillo came out on top, and he deserves an ‘up-high, down-low’ high five.

Tomillo brilliantly fit a city and collage of gears into the palm of a hand. His logo looks beautiful up close, with its pleasing layers of colors, and looks equally as great at a smaller size.

Let’s give Tomillo a high five for being the winner of May’s Top 9!


We’d like to high five all of May’s Top 9 at 99 as well:

  1. Wookster
  2. Nagual
  3. Hügo Jr
  4. Little Rangda
  5. Tomillo
  6. cereal killer
  7. Agi Amri
  8. Illestraider
  9. Sling

To celebrate your great work, you’ll each receive Just Design by Christopher Simmons.


You also get an Official 99designs Community T-Shirt!


A big THANK YOU to everyone who voted!

What do you like about Tomillo’s logo design?

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