We had to really get in and dig through this month’s art-attack to bring you these exceptional designs as the official Top 9 nominees. Vote now to see your favourite take home the May crown!

1. CareerVillage.org May Tech Week logo


Who knows tech? Teens do (just look at the iPhones glued to their hands). CareerVillage.org got the perfect logo to reach those super-savvy millennials during their Tech Week event.

2. Kazek beer label


The beer: Kazek, a craft ale to honor an epic Polish explorer. The story: a man grabs a camera and pen, hops on his bicycle, and rides across the Sahara.

3. Placecot illustration


Designers cooked up this picture-perfect, pastel piece for Placecot, an all-new photo-taking app that connects folks to the world around them.

4. JavaPresse packaging


This JavaPresse coffee press packaging offers sumptuous sans-serif typography with rich vector artwork and delicate notes of maroon, gold and white.

5. King Trivia mascot


The King Trivia pub quiz mascot needed a quick costume change to promote Star Trek and Walking Dead night. “Drink long *hiccup* and prosper,” slurred the King.

6. Space Invaders T-shirt


The Brazilian skydiving team, Space Invaders, wanted a retro-chic T-shirt; our design community flew in to their rescue.

7. Sorcerous book cover

Book cover

Author Hayley Bullivant wove a spellbinding tale in her fantasy novel, “Sorcerous”. This bewitching book cover is sure to enchant her readers.

8. Saved By The 90’s website


Quit playing games with this art…Saved by the 90’s is the awesomest 90’s dance party, and their new website is larger than life.

9. Dixie Chicks London concert poster


Y’all, tip your hat to this tour poster for the Dixie Chicks’ upcoming London concert. This design won by a landslide.