Right now, astrology’s hotter than a Leo’s love affair with themselves. Everybody’s finding ways to understand themselves better using their natal charts as their guides. No wonder the astrology industry is trending these days—resulting in heaps of beautiful astrology design.

Astrology design
Illustration by Orange Crush

Spanning everything from spiritual consultancy to podcasts, apps, books and more, the number of astrology brands commissioning creative work on 99designs has grown 209% since 2015, and in the past 12 months increased sharply by 127%.

If you’re an astrology brand (or even astrology-adjacent), you’re part of the astrology revolution and right now, the stars are perfectly aligned for you to get some amazing new design. Learn how to make the most of it here.

Why is astrology so popular now?

Egyptian goddess holding a scale in each hand
Nearly every ancient culture practiced some form of astrology. Logo design by r4x1t.

Astrology’s been around for millennia, and it’s easy to see why—when you look up at the night sky, you see something that’s incomprehensibly larger than yourself. Yet, you’re part of it. You’re part of this ever-sprawling, mind-bogglingly gigantic universe.

Illustrations of a dog, rooster and dragon
Although western astrology is the kind of astrology that’s currently having a moment, the Chinese zodiac is rich with animal imagery that can complement your brand. Illustration by Henrylim.

We have a natural need to feel like we’re part of something cosmic, something infinite—this is why we’re still looking to the stars for insight to our own lives today. It doesn’t matter how far science advances; people look to astrology to find the answers science can’t provide. This is why all things astro are enjoying a surge in popularity right now, especially among Millennials and Gen Z, two generations who have access to more information than any generation that’s lived before.

When you look at larger trends, astrology’s popularity surge right now makes sense. Millennials and Generation Z are less religious than older generations, but they have the same need to reflect on themselves and to feel spiritually connected to others. So they turn to astrology and other avenues for self-care like biohacking, meditation and earth-based spiritual practices.

What kinds of brands make up the astrology industry?

While many people treat it as a personal practice, astrology is an industry. Astrologers follow the skies to let the world know when Mercury’s going retrograde, websites then publish those reports so the rest of us can start to understand what it all means, new age shops sell crystals and tarot cards and colored candles to support the different signs and apps give you your personal daily horoscope.

Moon and sun black and white logo
The sun and the moon are the two most important “planets” in an astrological chart. Logo design by Nantin.

The astrology industry is huge and includes:

  • Books (and publishers)
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • New age shops
  • Apparel and jewelry
  • Astrologers
  • Apps
  • Youtube channels

Brands in the astrology industry have a lot in common with brands in other lifestyle industries. Their consumers tend to be individuals who are seeking self-actualization, balance and a more mindful approach to their daily lives. They like visibly displaying who they are—Millennials and Gen Z place a huge value on self-expression and brands that treat them as individuals, rather than providing cookie-cutter solutions and services.

Zodiac stationary from the 1970s
Zodiac stationary from the 1970s. Via flashbak.com.

So how do you “do” astrology design?

In the 70s, astrology design had a definite look. Bold colors, wavy lines, psychedelic imagery—astrology was a key pillar of the era’s zeitgeist, so it was often paired with trendy design choices of the times.

But we’re living in the 21st century. Astrology branding doesn’t have to use every single color at the same time or feel like it came straight out of your hippie great-aunt’s attic. Maybe you want a clean, minimalist look for your daily horoscope app or an earthy look with wood tones and plant imagery for your moon-tracking Youtube channel discussing how the phases of the moon affect life on earth. In essence, designing for an astrology brand is more about designing for the individual brand than  about creating a design that deliberately reads as “new agey.”

Geometric gold logo and starry night sky pages
In fact, your brand might be best served by something that’s not “new agey” at all. Landing page design by Bas Hasibuan.

What’s your brand’s sign?

Here’s a fun exercise for finding the perfect design for your brand: figure out your brand’s sign. Forget your brand’s “birthday” — that doesn’t matter here; look at your brand’s traits to see which sign you align with best.

Maybe your brand is adventurous, resilient and fun—a podcast that discusses the best travel destinations for people based on their signs. That podcast sounds like a Sagittarius, the sign that experiences serious wanderlust, so you might choose a design that incorporates arrows, bold colors and dynamic shapes.

Blue geometric goat logo
Every brand, whether it’s in the astrology industry or not, can be summed up with a sign. Logo design by Johnny Tuc.

Or maybe you’re designing a banner for a book that illustrates the best fitness routines for each sign based on their motivations, challenges and the body parts they rule. Everybody can use a little motivation to hit the gym more, and Aries is a natural motivator. With that in mind, a great design direction for your book cover and the illustrations inside might be lots of reds and other warm tones, thick impact font and images of glistening people putting their all into reaching their fitness goals.

If you’re not sure which sign correlates best with your brand’s traits, take a look at an online astrology guide like astrostyle.com. If you’re not sure which shapes, colors and fonts correlate with specific brand traits, check out our design resources on working with them effectively.

Blue fish against a gold crescent moon
Pisces is considered to be the most intuitive sign, the one most in touch with the moon. Logo design by svart ink.

Be dreamy

Astrology is part science, part art. It’s touchy-feely and flowy and often, more about interpretations than hard facts. Muted, pastel colors, rounded shapes and illustration-style images are effective ways to show that your astrology brand’s all about the calm, cool, reflective life.

If your brand’s a Pisces, soft and dreamy design choices may the best for your brand, but if the brand’s not a Pisces, that doesn’t mean dreamy is off the table. Any brand that’s calm, starry-eyed and focused on the feels can look stunning dressed in dreamy hues and flowy lines.

Image of half a lion’s face with a constellation for the other half of the image
Dreamy has no set color palette; warm tones can be just as dreamy as cool ones. Illustration by Katrin Chern.
Circular logo showing a white rabbit against a blue moon background
Your astrology logo can combine elements of eastern and western astrology and find overlaps between the two. Logo design by E-the-re-al’.
Image of half a lion’s face with a constellation for the other half of the image
Dreamy has no set color palette; warm tones can be just as dreamy as cool ones. Illustration by Katrin Chern.

Go retro

Like we said before, astrology’s been a thing for thousands of years, but when most of us think of the last time astrology was “big,” we think of the new age movement of the 1960s and 70s. That often conjures up retro psychedelic vibes like repeating rainbow patterns, abstract shapes, earth tones and hand-drawn illustrations composed of geometric shapes with thick black outlines.

Blue and gold text against a black sky background
Sometimes, the font is what gives a design a retro vibe. Logo design by Amoeba Design.
Black and white logo of two women’s faces in a bean shape
Even if you don’t use the colors of the 70s, shapes and patterns reminiscent of the era can give your design a retro look. Logo design by merci dsgn.
Geometric logo showing Aquarius in yellow pouring blue water
Instead of going full-retro, consider incorporating vintage-looking hues into your design. Logo design by hakamuhamed.

If your brand’s a bit retro, playing with 20th century astro design in your branding could be a fun way to differentiate yourself from the crowd of sleek, modern star searchers. It can be the perfect choice for your funky Aquarius brand or any other brand that has an established, even old-school feel like a vintage bookstore focused on new age and spiritual materials or an ecommerce shop that sells vintage astro novelties.

Round black and white stamp logo with a sun, a book and text
1960s and 70s “Age of Aquarius” isn’t the only retro astrology vibe to pull from – try working with Art Noveau, Art Deco or other vintage-inspired designs. Logo design by Vulcan”.

Color, color, color

Astrology is fun and dynamic, so a lot of brands in this space embrace bold colors and fun color combinations.

Designs showing a lion cub with different backgrounds and surroundings
Bold, eye-catching color combinations can make your design pop. T-shirt design by Valeriie.

Every sign is associated with a color as well — these colors reflect the signs’ prominent traits. Once you’ve determined your brand’s sign, using colors associated with that sign can be an effective way to communicate your brand.

Geometric gold background behind a light blue image of a deer
Experiment with different color palettes to find the perfect combo for your design. Logo design by *Skill Unlimited*.

For example, mysterious, seductive Scorpio is associated with deep maroon and black, whereas responsible, down-to-earth Virgo is associated with green and dark brown. Following this logic and the exercise you did to determine your brand’s sign, you might choose brown as the main color for your dependable Virgo astrologer booth setup or a gradient of different shades of maroon for the background to your sexy Scorpio lingerie webshop.

Geometric shape of a woman’s head with pink hair and stars above her skull
Consider your brand’s sign’s element to find the right colors. Logo design by Maga Segura.
Dark blue ringed planet with four “toes” atop
In any logo, the color combo is a critical element. Logo by merci dsgn.

Dots, stars and lines

While the average person probably knows their sun sign, it’s less likely they know their moon and rising signs and it’s even less likely that they also know anything else about their natal chart, like where the planets were placed when they were born, which signs are inhabiting each house in their chart and how the angles between the planets impact their personality and life.

Black and cream image of two faces and a constellation
This design might not immediately read as “astrological,” but it combines the Leo constellation with an image of Gemini, depicted as twin faces. Tattoo design by LazebraArt.
Logo showing a microphone surrounded by zodiac glyphs
There are lots of ways to work astrological imagery into designs. Logo design by Somos Mone.

We’re not going to get into interpreting natal charts here because there are great sites for that, but you can pull design elements from natal charts to make your brand speak directly to the more advanced astrology fan. Instead of graphics that depict the signs as people and animals, use the glyphs for each sign and planet for a minimalist look in your design.

Gold geometric crest against a white background
Using glyphs can make your astrology branding more subtle than if you’d used graphics. Logo design by Sign2in.

Other options for this kind of astrology branding are abstract geometric shapes that look like natal charts or constellations and patterns made up of dots.

Multicolored lion against a geometric background
As this design suggests, astrology is far more than sun signs. T-shirt design by merci dsgn.
White moon and glyphs against dark background
Line and dot logos are perfect if you want your astro branding to be more subtle. Logo design by Tanya Keiko.
The Magician tarot card
The Magician, the archetype of a guy who’s got everything he needs to make magic happen. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Pull from other practices

Astrology is just one of the many, many metaphysical subjects you can study to gain a better understanding of yourself and the world. As an astrology brand, there’s a good chance your audience is into things like tarot, crystals, chakras and general “witchy” stuff. Embrace their other interests by bringing elements of them into your design.

For example, a great logo for a new age shop might have an image of The Magician tarot card standing in his signature pose with the signs of the zodiac making up a circular outline around him.

A design that incorporates elements from various metaphysical areas can show that you’ve got a wide variety to offer.

Six-pointed star surrounded by zodiac glyphs
Look toward the tradition you work with to find design ideas. Logo design by Shefali J.
Blue, purple and pink book cover showing the wheel of the zodiac
Astrology and tarot go together like peanut butter and jelly. Book cover design by Caloiiskie17.
Black tarot card depicting a variety of mystic things in white geometric shapes
This logo’s got everything mystical: tarot, stars, moon phases, crystal balls, crystals and a woman captivated by it all. Logo design by S M Designs.

Your perfect design is written in the stars

No matter which sign best describes your brand, there’s a designer who can help you create otherworldly design to support it. Check out the talented designers on our platform to find the one who’s best aligned with your mission.

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