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Freelancing has lots of perks. You're the boss, you pick your clients and you can always give yourself a raise. Sounds pretty awesome, so let's get your business started!

Endless Opportunities

Better your skills

Logos, websites, and yes, even tattoos - there are so many categories to design for. We'll help keep things fresh so you'll never get bored.
An amazing experience and opportunity.
"A few 99designs contests helped introduce my students to real-world concepts such as deadlines, competition, understanding feedback and client peculiarities."
contests won
repeat clients
1:1 projects

Build your portfolio

Turn your creative skills up to eleven by designing for big names and start ups across a wide variety of industries. You'll always have something brilliant to talk about.
London, UK
99designs helped me start my career.
"I was a guy with no experience, no portfolio and no equipment. Now I am working in a film studio as an animator and graphic designer."
contests won
repeat clients
1:1 projects

Grow your clientele

Rad work leads to more rad work, so with every design you're building your own client base. Win a contest and freelance directly for your clients via our 1-to-1 projects.
Novi Sad, Serbia
99designs opened the door to design for me.
"I've met a lot of people and made quite a few business relations. Now I use 1-to-1 Projects to keep in touch with all of them."
contests won
repeat clients
1:1 projects

Get connected

Join a global Meetup, take part in a free webinar and get inspired by others when you tap into our worldwide community of Platinum designers.
I'm honored to be a part of this community.
"I live in a small town, but now I have the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. It's really an amazing thing."
contests won
repeat clients
1:1 projects

Have fun

We'll handle the business side so you have more time to design - because that's the fun part, right? And we believe in fun.
United States
Freedom to choose what I'd like to work on.
"Since I have a full-time job, I have incredible freedom in selecting what I would like to work on. It has to be work I'm really going to love doing."
contests won
repeat clients
1:1 projects

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