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I'm a designer with tattoos on my body and i'm a professional with the mission..

If you need fast services from me,
visit: bonestudio.net

See you soon!!

Member since: August 17, 2011
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"Absolutely fantastic design, we couldn't be happier!"
Profile pictureMarcus7017 reviewed about 7 years ago
"I like to thank Bonestudio for being the first artist to use the Seattle theme. It set the pace for our contest and helped other artists see what we were looking for. "
Profile pictureJim.schoen reviewed about 7 years ago
"It was a pleasure working with bonestudio. Great ideas and great communication."
Anonymous client reviewed about 7 years ago
"Bonestudio was excellent to work with and very talented. Not only did he listen to and make all of the changes I requested, but he did so quickly and very professionally. I would work with him again without hesitation and highly recommend him to anyon..."
Profile pictureRobC75 reviewed about 7 years ago
"This designer was professional and really captured the branding we were looking for. The style matched our logo the best out of all of the other designs. "
Profile picturemonnalissa reviewed about 7 years ago
"bonestudio did such a great job and came up with some really unique ideas. Thanks so much for all your work. "
Profile pictureBrandy.c reviewed about 7 years ago
"Great work and very diligent on editing and responding to feedback! "
Profile pictureUnderRepped reviewed about 7 years ago
"The designer "bonestudio" is amazing to work with, very creative and responsive. I would definitely recommend this designer, and looking forward to working with them in the future."
Profile pictureY2kristi reviewed about 7 years ago